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GSR 2023

Forum on Building a Better Connected World, Making Networks Greener

Madrid, Spain, 11-12 May 2016​


The annual electricity consumption in our world is about 20 trillion kWh, of which nearly 1 trillion kWh (5%) is consumed by the ICT industry. These levels of energy consumption can result in millions of metric tons of CO2 emission.

Keeping the importance of environmental protection in mind, the International Telecommunication Union and Huawei, with the support of Datacenter Dynamics, hosted the Forum on "Building a Better Connected World, Making Networks Greener" and paved the way for the creation of a more energy-efficient ICT ecosystem.

This Forum provided a platform for business representatives and professionals to discuss the latest key technologies and explore future evolution for energy saving in telecom networks.

Target audience
This forum brought together decision makers, leading analysts, thought leaders, and senior professionals from global telecom operators, consulting firms, academia, and government officials, who will share their vision, strategies, plans, government policies, and best practices on energy conservation. 



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