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Internet of Things (IoT): The Way to Smart Sustainable Cities

Geneva, Switzerland, 25 May 2015

Contact: Cristina Bueti

Currently cities account for 50-60% of GHG emissions as well as 75% of the global energy consumption. While cities generously contribute to around 75% of the global GDP, they also generate over 50% of the world’s waste. By 2050, 70% of the world’s population is estimated to reside in cities. A sustainable life for the future generations would thus depend on making cities smarter and more sustainable. Internet of Things (IoT) leads a sweeping cultural change as a huge number of machines, devices, sensors, actuators, and other objects become interconnected to each other and to higher-level systems. Due to the enormous amount of variety of connectable devices and automatically collected data entirely new services and features are arising, which will form the basis of, among others concepts, “Smart Sustainable Cities”.

This thematic workshop discussed the role that Internet of Things (IoT) and emerging technologies such as crowd-sourcing and crowd-sensing play in building smart sustainable cities worldwide. The session provided several examples of applications in smart cities based on IoT deployment. This event presented some demonstrations and success stories to expand on the benefits of using IoT in cities for furthering the sustainable development goals.

Target Audience
​This forum brought together leading specialists in the field, from city planners to engineers, designers, policy-makers, government officials, regulators, academia, standards experts and others to raise awareness on the role of ICT to build the cities we want.