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Joint ITU/Continua Health Alliance Interoperability event on e-health, Geneva, Switzerland, 28-31 October 2013

ITU and Continua Health Alliance will organize an interoperability event on e-health devices, applications, services and technology platforms following the draft Recommendation ITU-T H.IDGPHS "Interoperability design guidelines for personal health systems" currently discussed at Q28/16, which is the transposition of Continua Health Alliance Guidelines as an ITU-T Recommendation. This event will take place at the ITU headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, from 28 to 31 October 2013.

This Interop event will promote e-health interoperability and raise awareness of the importance of open, global, common and interoperable standards, as stated at the joint ITU-WHO workshop on e-health standards and interoperability, April 2012.

An open product showcase, followed by a closed interoperability testing session, will demonstrate state-of-the-art e-health solutions to a high-powered audience.

Interoperability Testing

Product Showcase

Continua Health Alliance is the international industry organization dedicated to advancing personal connected health by promoting end-to-end, plug-and-play connectivity of personal health devices and establishing industry standards for interoperability.