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ITU Workshop on "E-health services in low-resource settings: Requirements and ITU role"

Tokyo, Japan, 4-5 February 2013



At the kind invitation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), Japan, ITU is organizing the workshop "E-health services in low-resource settings: Requirements and ITU role" from 4-5 February 2013 at the Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.


The workshop is a follow-up on the Joint ITU-WHO workshop on e-health Standards and Interoperability (April 2012) and aims at facilitating information sharing between e-health experts and to increase the understanding between developed and developing countries of what are the common threads, the different priorities and the challenges amongst the identified priorities and needs for implementation of e-health services in low-resource settings. The overarching goal is to identify a comprehensive roadmap for ITU activities towards implementation of e-health services in low-resource settings that includes the necessary standardization and interoperability studies. In addition, the results of this workshop will feed into the work of the relevant ITU-D and ITU-T Study Groups as well as the ITU-T Focus Group on Machine to Machine (M2M) Service Layer.


  1. Learn about different priorities of both developed and developing countries; and identify common threads amongst identified priorities and needs.
  2. Share experiences obtained from activities regarding e-health: needs, outcomes, barriers and next steps. This could be used to define specific use cases for which standards should be adopted, and to identify key elements of an e-health service architecture and framework specifications.
  3. Identify special requirements for e-health: a diagnosis and deep understanding of why standards are not used / applied in certain settings.
  4. Assess transformative opportunities: Share advances in innovation that can transform delivery of healthcare. These include advances in mobile devices, portable medical devices, re-engineered healthcare workflows, clinical decision support systems, new business models, and novel distribution / logistics strategies in the supply-chain.
  5. Identify future need, roles and responsibilities of stakeholders in advancing e-health standards.

Target Audience

The workshop is open to interested participants and experts from the Asia-Pacific region, ITU Member States, Sector Members, ITU-D and ITU-T Study Group Associates, including representatives from regional and international organizations.

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