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Certification Schemes

A number of organisations provide voluntary certification schemes for specific areas of technology.

Global Certification Forum
The Global Certification Forum (GCF) operates a certification scheme for mobile phones and wireless devices that are based on 3GPP standards. A database of certified equipment is available.
CTIA – The Wireless Association
The CTIA – The Wireless Association administers the:
WiFi Alliance
The WiFi Alliance operates certification programs  for products based on IEEE 802.11 standards. Lists of Wi-Fi Certified products are available.

WiMAX Forum
The WiMAX Forum Certification Program certifies interoperability of IEEE 802.16e products. 

Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)
The MEF manages certification programs​ for Carrier Ethernet equipment, services and professional staff.

Broadband Forum (BBF)
The BBF has produced test specifications for DSL and TDM services over MPLS, accredits independent DSL testing laboratories and administers different certification programs.

HomeGrid Forum
The HomeGrid Forum is developing a certification programme​.

IEEE Conformity Assessment Programme
The IEEE manages IEEE Conformity Assessment Programme​ (ICAP).
CableLabs produce specifications with the aim of developing interoperable cable devices such as cable modems, set-top boxes, digital TVs and telephony devices. They operate schemes for “certification” of customer premises equipment, “qualification” of non-CPE devices and network elements and “verification” of Plug & Play devices (Unidirectional Digital Cable Products – UDCPs). 

SIP Forum
The SIPForum has established a programme for supplier declaration of compliance with the SIPconnect technical specification.
The IPv6 Forum manages a number of certification programmes. IPv6 Ready Logo Program is a conformance and interoperability testing program using test specifications for Customer Edge Routers, SIP, DHCPv6, IPsec and SNMP produced by the IPv6 Forum and the IPv6 Enabled Program is a validation program for websites and ISPs. Vendors with IPv6 products are invited to register these products at the IPv6 to Standard site.

Personal Connected Health Alliance
The PCHAlliance Continua Certification Program​ certifies personal connected health devices and systems according to the Continua Design Guidelines (ITU-T H.810).​​