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Pillar 1 Conformity Assessment


Conformity assessment is the process used to demonstrate that a product, service or system conform to specified requirements and commonly used by many standard development organizations (SDOs).  By promoting conformity assessment relevant to ITU-T Recommendations and showcasing product conform to ITU-T Recommendations, Pillar 1 of the ITU C&I Programme aims to ensure the strategic goal of the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) to develop interoperable, non-discriminatory and demand-driven international standards for International telecommunication. 

Pillar 1 ‘conformity assessment’ of ITU C&I Programme aims to:

- identify and promote conformity assessment (CA) of ITU-T Recommendations
- showcase product conform to ITU-T Recommendations


    • The second meeting of the ITU-T CASC took place during ITU-T SG11 meeting. CASC agreed a list of ITU-T Recommendations which may become subject of joint certification schemes
      (Geneva, 28 June 2016, see report)
    • ITU-T SG11 approved ITU-T Q.3960 "Framework for Internet related performance measurements"
      (Geneva, July 2016)
    • ITU-T SG11 consented ITU-T Q.3920 "Terms and definitions to be used in conformance and interoperability issues"
      (Geneva, July 2016)
    • ITU-T SG11 advanced Draft ITU-T Q.30xx_VoLTE_Interconnection "Framework of interconnection of VoLTE/ViLTE-based networks"
      (Geneva, July 2016)
    • SG11 consented 20 new ITU-T Recommendations which specify testing requirements and test specifications for SIP-IMS conformity testing
      (Geneva, July 2016)
    • ITU conducted a Workshop on "Combating Counterfeit Using Conformance and Interoperability Solutions"
      (Geneva, 28 June 2016, see summary)
    • SG11 updated the list of pilot projects, living list of key technologies and reference table of ITU-T Recommendations which are suitable for C&I testing
      (Geneva, July 2016)
    • JCA-CIT successfully concluded in July 2016 because it accomplished its objectives. The coordination on the implementation of C&I Programme will be led by ITU-T SG11 (see progress report)
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