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The reference table of standards are used for C&I assessment

​​​​​​​Resolution 76 of WTSA​-16​ instructs the Study Groups “to accelerate accomplishing the pilot projects started by ITU-T study groups and identify existing ITU-T Recommendations that would be candidates for C&I testing, taking into account the needs of the membership, and that are capable of providing end-to-end interoperable services on a global scale, adding to their content, if necessary, specific requirements within their scope​”.

The C&I Action Plan agreed by Council-12 requests “ITU-T study groups to identify further technologies for which there is a market demand for a conformity assessment programme and to identify whether test specifications are available and if not, to explore the provision of test specifications. If test specifications are available, they may be turned into e.g. ITU-T Recommendations or supplements”.

In 2012, SG11 established the SG11 Action plan for implementation of C&I Programme which will help to achieve the goals of Resolution 76 and will assist ITU-T SGs in their work concerning the development of ITU C&I Programme within their responsibilities. The Action plan also is aimed at helping developing countries in the implementation of their C&I plans in the regions.

The one of the most important part of the SG11 Action plan is a Reference Table showing list of ITU-T Recs and relevant parameters to be tested for conformity/interoperability and references to the applicable test suites (ITU/other SDOs). These information will be used for filling out the ITU conformity Database by results of conformity assessment against ITU Recs.

The Reference Table is maintained by TSB in accordance with information provided by all ITU-T SGs on the SG11 requests with the template is provided in Annex B of SG11 Action plan.