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International Satellite Communication Symposium (Geneva, 13-14 June 2016)

Interference-Free Satellite Frequency Spectrum:

                  Myth or Reality in 2016  

Following the success of the first ITU International Workshop on Preventing Harmful Interference to Satellite Systems held in Geneva in June 2013  ̶  and  reflecting international cooperation to facilitate expanded access to satellite connectivity  ̶  the Radiocommunication Bureau is pleased to announce the holding of a two-day symposium in Geneva on 13-14 June 2016 at which experts from the industry, satellite operators and regulators from all around the world will provide  an overview of ongoing progress on regulations and measures developed and implemented to prevent interference.

The Geneva symposium will be an open event in which national administrations, the satellite communications industry, the user community, other ICT stakeholders, as well as all those with an interest in the topic, are strongly encouraged to participate.

The meeting will provide participants with high-quality presentations on the latest developments and innovations in the combat against satellite interference, and will allow them to interact with the experts, sharing experiences and discussing the effectiveness of existing and promising measures in this field.

The following is a preliminary list of topics to be addressed:

  • Satellite services and interference: the current situation
  • Latest technologies to detect, identify, locate and mitigate harmful interference
  • Space monitoring
  • CubeSats and large non-GSO constellations: a new challenge and opportunity in sharing the spectrum?
  • Solutions and mitigation techniques utilized in mobility applications (ESIM, ESOMP, ESV, UAS...)    
  • The C-band challenge and beyond: higher frequency ranges?
  • Ensuring content delivery by broadcasting-satellite services
  • Cybersecurity
  • Experience with radionavigation-satellite systems
  • Coping with jamming and ensuring safety: national cases and policies
  • Protecting space science services
  • Implementation of carrier-ID
  • VSAT and SNG installation and operation training
  • International space law
  • ITU regulations and actions to prevent and resolve harmful interference, in brief
  • Update to related ITU-R Recommendations, reports and handbooks 

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