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Workshop Presentations


Type Title Author
The Current Situation:The End Users Perspective   Dick Tauber -CNN  
Carrier-ID... and the Interference Mitigation Process   Guido Baragalia - sIRG  
DVB Carrier ID Update : The End of the Beginning   Lisa Hobbs -VP Ericsson Television  
Satellite Interference! ..Jamming, Carrier ID and Working Groups   Martin Coleman - sIRG  
Implementation of the Carrier Identification Specification   Pierre Berta- Comtech EFData  
Carrier id A Satellite Operator’s Perspective   Roland Smith - SES  
Multilateral non-binding iniatives on space security   Victor Vasiliev - UN  
Harmful interference to Satellite Systems : ANFR views   Alexandre Vallet - ANFR  
Satellite Interference Causes: Our recent experience Mitigations   Bharat Dudhia - Ofcom  
Addressing Harmful Interference to Satellite Systems: Perspectives from a Member of the Radio Regulations Board   Julie Zoller - RRB  
Ground Geolocation Challenges   Nicolas Dubyk - Thales Alenia Space  
Interference to satellite broadcasts : The BBC Experience   Nigel Fry - BBC News  
The ITU challenges in the 21st Century: Preventing Harmful Interference to Satellite Systems   Mehdi Siasifar - IRIB  
Statistics on Cases of Harmful Interfernce to Satellite Systems reported to BR   BR  
Multilateral non-binding initiatives on space security   Tanja Masson-Zwaan (IISL)  
Satellite Services and interference: The Current Situation   Patricia Harrison - Intelsat  
Satellite Interference: An Operator's Perspective   Ethan Lavan - Eutelsat  
The Technologies   Mark Rawlins -Eutelsat  
Zodiac Data Systems   Thierry Balanche - Zodiac Data Systems  
Technologies to identify and/or mitigate harmful interference   Rob Rideout - SAT Corp  
ITU Workshop on Satellite Interference   Howard Fellman - Scope Associates Ltd. - sIRG  
Satellite Services and Interference-The current Situation   Yasir Hassan- Arabsat  
Interference Localization System   Siemens