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Infrastructure, Enabling Environment and E-Applications Department (IEE)

The Infrastructure, Enabling Environment and E-Applications Department (IEE) is responsible for creating and maintaining an enabling regulatory and market environment. Its work supports transparent and forward-looking legal and regulatory frameworks to stimulate investment and promote universal, ubiquitous, affordable and secure access to ICTs, fosters the integrity of information and communications technology (ICT) systems, enables the adoption of efficient technological solutions for ICT infrastructure development, including spectrum management and broadcasting , facilitates the achievement of a global culture on cybersecurity, fosters  the digital inclusion of people with specific needs and the use of ICT for social and economic benefit through mobile apps.


ICT Application and Cybersecurity Division:
Extends the use of ICT-based networks, services and applications among developing countries and facilitate the achievement of a global culture on cybersecurity that is essential for their continued development.

Regulatory and Market Environment Division:
Provides regulatory and policy tools, research and assistance, organizes world class events and creates knowledge exchange platforms to enhance dialogue and cooperation and promote an enabling environment to foster innovation and investment in the sector, and allow for collaborative regulation across the sectors.

Special Initiatives Division:
Promotes ICT accessibility and use as well as digital skills development for the social and economic development of people with specific needs, including women and girls, youth and children, persons with disabilities and indigenous peoples.

Spectrum and Broadcasting Division:
Provides assistance in various aspects of spectrum management and broadcasting, including transition from analogue to digital terrestrial television broadcasting.

Telecommunication Technologies and Network Division:
Assists Member States and ITU-D Sector Members and Associates to maximize the utilization of appropriate new technologies for the development of their information and communication infrastructure and services.