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RESOLUTION 119 (Marrakesh, 2002)

Methods to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Radio Regulations Board

The Plenipotentiary Conference of the International Telecommunication Union (Marrakesh, 2002),


a)   that Resolution 84 (Minneapolis, 1998) of the Plenipotentiary Conference established a requirement to review and develop appropriate changes to working methods of the Radio Regulations Board;

b)   that the World Radiocommunication Conference (Istanbul, 2000) considered improvements to working methods and that further improvements are both possible and necessary;

c)   the importance of efficient and effective working methods of the Radio Regulations Board in meeting the requirements of the Radio Regulations and in preserving the rights of Member States;

d)   the concerns expressed by some Member States at this conference in regard to transparency and efficiency of the working methods of the Radio Regulations Board;

e)   that, since the Radio Regulations Board has a role to consider appeals by Member States as prescribed in the Radio Regulations, appropriate facilities and resources are necessary for it to discharge its responsibilities expeditiously,


that section 4.4 of the Report by the Satellite Backlog Action Group to the 2002 session of the Council relates to the role of the Radiocommunication Bureau and the Radio Regulations Board,


the importance that the Union attaches to the activities of the Radio Regulations Board,

resolves to instruct the Radio Regulations Board

1   to review periodically its working methods and internal processes and develop appropriate changes in order to further increase the transparency of its methods and decision-making processes and their overall effectiveness, and report the results to the next world radiocommunication conference through the Director of the Radiocommunication Bureau;

2   to include in the summary of its decisions (No. 13.18 of the Radio Regulations) the reasons for each decision taken by the Board, including those relating to comments received from administrations on the Rules of Procedure; this summary of decisions, including the associated reasons, shall be published by circular letter and on the Radio Regulations Board website;

3   to give advice to the world radiocommunication conference or regional radiocommunication conference, at an appropriate time, on difficulties in the application of any regulatory provision in force as well as those under discussion at the conference,

instructs the Director of the Radiocommunication Bureau

to provide to the Radio Regulations Board:

  • detailed explanations from the Radiocommunication Bureau on matters to be considered at Board meetings;

  • relevant information from appropriate experts within the Radiocommunication Bureau,

calls upon each Member State nominating a member of the Radio Regulations Board

to provide the necessary logistical support, such as computer hardware and software, to the member of the Radio Regulations Board it has nominated, except that, in the case of developing countries where such logistical support is not available from Member States, it shall be provided by the Union,

calls upon all Member States

to provide all necessary assistance and support to members of the Radio Regulations Board individually, and the Board as a whole, in carrying out their functions,

invites the 2003 world radiocommunication conference

to consider establishing principles to be applied by the Radio Regulations Board in the preparation of Rules of Procedure,

instructs the Secretary-General

1   to make available the necessary facilities and resources for the members of the Radio Regulations Board in conducting their meetings;

2   to facilitate the recognition of the status of the members of the Radio Regulations Board pursuant to No. 142A of the ITU Convention,

further instructs the Secretary-General

to report to the 2004 session of the Council, to subsequent sessions of Council and to the next plenipotentiary conference on actions taken pursuant to this resolution and the results thereof.



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