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Financial Situation


The Unionís biennial budget for 2000/2001 is set at CHF 332.6 million, reflecting the approved programme of activities based on decisions and resolutions adopted by the 1998 Minneapolis Plenipotentiary Conference. Falling comfortably within the expenditure ceiling, this figure maintains the expenditure level set in the 1998-1999 budget, and reflects a slight decrease in expenditure compared with the 1996-1997 budgetary period.

The activities of ITUís three Sectors account for 91% of total expenditure, with the remaining 9% allocated to funding the General Secretariat, which provides a broad range of services including conference organization, documentation and translation, publications services, logistics support, information services and long-range strategic planning, as well as corporate functions such as communication and external affairs, legal advice, finance and personnel management.

For the year 2000, total actual expenditure amounted to CHF 163.9 million, or 49% of total appropriations for the biennium.


(by Sector in CHF í000)


EXPENDITURE 1996-2000 (by Sector in CHF í000)
The costs of centralized administrative and support services fall within the General Secretariat


At 31 December 2000, ITU represented 189 Member States and 655 Sector Members, in addition to three new Associates which participated for the first time in the work of the Union.

  • The Contributory Unit for 2000/2001 for Member States has been set at CHF 315 000 per annum, a slight reduction in the figure of CHF 328 000 for 1998/1999. The amount of the Contributory Unit has been calculated on the basis of a total of 358 3/16 units (against 368 3/16 in 1998/1999)

  • The Contributory Unit for Sector Members has been set at CHF 63 000, again slightly lower than the CHF 65 600 in 1998/1999

  • Actual income as at 31 December 2000 amounted to CHF 163.7 million, of which CHF 112.7 million was derived from Member State contributions

  • Assessed contributions from Member States for the biennium are expected to amount to CHF 225.8 million

  • Contributions from Sector Members for the same period are expected to reach CHF 41 million

  • Budgeted income derived from the sale of publications and from other cost-recovery activities, as well as other miscellaneous income, amounted to CHF 54.4 million

  • The slight shortfall of CHF 11.4 million between estimated expenditure and estimated income has been financed by a withdrawal of that same amount from the ITU Reserve Account

  • The decline in income since 1997 largely reflects ITUís efforts to reduce the amount of the Contributory Unit

  • As at 31 December 2000, 94.3% of assessed contributions for the year 2000 and 51.4% of contributions for the year 2001 had been received.


Principal activities funded from extra-budgetary sources consist of a number of Technical Cooperation Projects and the ITU Telecom events.

Technical Cooperation Projects

Expenditure relating to United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) projects and for Trust Fund projects over the course of the year 2000 amounted to USD 9.7 million and USD 24.9 million, respectively. Related support costs came to USD 2.1 million.

Total expenditure, inclusive of support costs, thus amounted to CHF 64.5 million (converted at an exchange rate of 1.76 CHF/1 USD).

As at 31 December 2000, USD 53 million of Funds in Trust remained available for allocation to projects. The balance of the Special Fund for Technical Cooperation, inclusive of the surplus generated by ITU Telecom events (the Telecom Surplus), was USD 13 million.

ITU Telecom

In accordance with Article 19 of ITUís Financial Regulations, any surplus income or excess expenditure resulting from the world or regional Telecom events is transferred to the Exhibition Working Capital Fund, a significant part of which is allocated to development projects, primarily in Least Developed Countries.

The unprecedented success of Telecom 99 + Interactive 99 generated a surplus income of nearly CHF 25 million, bringing the Exhibition Working Capital Fund to over CHF 32 million at 31 December 2000.



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