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How to become a Member State

If the State is a Member of the United Nations:
  • it becomes a Member State of the ITU by acceding to the Constitution and the Convention of the International Telecommunication Union (Geneva, 1992). Such accession shall be made simultaneously in the form of one single document covering both the Constitution and the Convention;
  • the instrument of accession shall be deposited with the ITU Secretary-General.

  • GE_2010_-UN-e.pdfModel Instrument of Accession for UN Members
If the State is not a Member of the United Nations:
  • the application for membership needs to have a secured approval by two-thirds of the Member States of the Union;

  • after such approval, the admission procedure is the same as described above in the form of one single document.

  • GE_2010_-Other-e.pdfModel Instrument of Accession for non-UN Members


Financial Information

The expenses of the Union are met from the contributions of its Member States and Sector Members. Each Member State and Sector Member shall pay a sum proportional to the number of units in the class of contribution it has freely chosen.

The effective amount of a contributory unit for Member States for the period 2012-2015 is 318,000.00 Swiss Francs. The scale from which each Member State shall choose its class of contribution is as follows:

  • 40 unit class
  • 35 unit class
  • 30 unit class
  • 28 unit class
  • 25 unit class
  • 23 unit class
  • 20 unit class
  • 18 unit class
  • 15 unit class
  • 13 unit class
  • 10 unit class
  • 8 unit class
  • 5 unit class
  • 4 unit class
  • 3 unit class
  • 2 unit class
  • 1 1/2 unit class
  • 1 unit class
  • 1/2 unit class
  • 1/4 unit class
  • 1/8 unit class *
  • 1/16 unit class *
    * for the least developed countries as listed by the United Nations and other Members as determined by the Council
For additional information on ITU Finance, please refer to Article 28 of the Constitution and Article 33 of the Convention of ITU.