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DLT Standardization: A technical framework for regulatory compliance


DLT systems provide a high degree of immutability and decentralized control. While these properties are the basis for the key benefits of this technology, they also create regulatory challenges. Depending on the jurisdiction and the use-case, a varying degree of regulatory control is required. With the “Technical Framework for DLT Regulation”, a technical framework is proposed, to provide the means to setup the appropriate level for regulatory intervention for a DLT system​​.

Participation in the meet-up was open to ITU Member States, Sector Members, Associates and Academic Institutions and to any individual from a country that is a member of ITU who wishes to contribute to the work. This included individuals from the DLT technology and service providers, research institutions, United Nations agencies, regulators, other related professionals, and also members of international, regional and national organizations.​  

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Jorn Erbguth​ (Moderator)
Legal Tech, Blockchain, Smart Contract and Data Protection Consultant​
Partner, Berlin, DWF​

Jingyuan Hu
Research Associate
Institute of Information Engineering,
Chinese Academy of Science

Javier Ibanez Wenceslao​ 
​Professor of Commercial Law,
Faculty of Law,
Comillas Pontifical University
[ Presentation​ ]​
Deputy Head of Financial Markets Division,
Head of Infrastructure and Alternative Finacning Unit,
Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)​ 
[ Presentati​on​​​​ ]​