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ITU-T Templates Information

ITU-T templates

Author's templates are accessible from each Study Group page. They include a general purpose basic template, and the same plus a Recommendation skeleton, a Report skeleton and a Liaison Statement (LS) skeleton.

These templates have the common style sheet for ITU templates, which minimizes undesired formatting changes in "paste and copy" operations into ITU documents and publications.

A specific template is also provided for common ITU-T | ISO/IEC texts. This template respects ITU-T A.23/Annex A presentation.

These templates contain no macros. The necessary information is to be filled in by the author, according to the template type. Pages are numbered in the header and there is no footer.

Author's procedure
  1. Choose the appropriate template:
    • Templates for direct document posting (DDP)
    • ITU-T basic template (TDs and non-DDP submissions)
    • ITU-T template with Recommendation skeleton
    • ITU-T template with Report skeleton
    • ITU-T template for Liaison statements
    • ITU-T | ISO/IEC Common texts template
  2. Save the template on your drive
  3. Complete the header table
  4. Type your text
  5. Send it to TSB.
TSB procedure

For documents submitted by e-mail, TSB will check the appropriate document type (Contribution, TD, etc) and assign a sequential number to it. An automatic system (in ITU) will apply ITU presentation to the author's text and add standard headers, footers, ITU logo (except TDs) and the copyright statement (except LSs).

For Contributions submitted via DDP, TSB will check the document and make adjustments only if necessary. It is incumbent on the authors to use the correct template and fill in properly the necessary information. In case of doubt, please do not hesitate to check with the secretariat.

How to change the ITU-T template into a ".dot" / ".dotx" / ".dotm" file?

If you use frequently the ITU-T templates, you may transform them into real ".dot" / ".dotx" / ".dotm" templates by the following procedure:

  1. Open the appropriate template
  2. Complete the information that is stable in your contributions (e.g. study group number, meeting date, your contact data, ...)
  3. Use the "save as/save as type" function to save it as document template (.dot) on your template directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates for Windows XP or C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates for Windows 7)
  4. 4. When you want to use this template, you have just to use the "File/New" function and choose the ".dot" / ".dotx" / ".dotm" file you have saved.

Do not forget that templates are updated from time to time by TSB. An indication of last modification date is given on the templates page. In such a case, update your template by reapplying the steps indicated above.