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Question 6/20

​Question 6/20 - SC&C infrastructure and framework

(Continuation of part of Q20/5)

Comprehensive strategies to implement smart cities and communities (SC&C) are emerging around the globe as a response to the challenges posed by the rapid urbanisation. This involves the integration of information communication technologies (ICTs) into all aspects of city planning and operations. Acting as a platform, the Internet of Things (IoT) can improve the efficiency of a city’s functions by enabling the gathering of pertinent information.

This Question intends to study: general reference models of SC&C; spatio-temporal modeling for SC&C; frameworks to identify the architectural and service compositions and views on SC&C; identification of entities, their functions, and reference points required to provide support to SC&C applications and services; ICT use for physical infrastructure, including but not limited to: telecom networks, underground pipelines, capillary network, intelligent building system, building information modeling (BIM), traffic system and other facilities.

Study items to be considered include, but are not limited to:Tasks
Tasks include, but are not limited to:NOTE – An up-to-date status of the work conducted under this Question is contained in the SG20 Work Program (

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