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Question 5/20

​Question 5/20 - SC&C requirements, applications and services

(Continuation of part of Q20/5 and part of Q25/16)

Comprehensive strategies to implement Smart Cities and Communities (SC&C) are emerging around the globe as a response to the challenges posed by the rapid urbanisation. This involves the integration of information communication technologies (ICTs) into all aspects of city planning and operation. Acting as a platform, ICTs improve the efficiency of a city’s functions by enabling gathering of pertinent information and interconnecting the multitude of different domains. This would allow the concerned municipalities, the communities and the citizens to make better informed decisions, thereby facilitating the integration of city services and cooperation across different sectors.

This Question intends to study: SC&C related ecosystem, applications, services and use cases; studies that are directly related to SC&C including, inter alia, smart grids, water, mobility, logistic, waste, healthcare, e-government, emergency telecommunications, education, transport, utilities, etc.); basic and high-level requirements, characteristics, and general capabilities of SC&C; ICT requirements and the related communications technologies to be taken into account when designing smart city services; efficient service analysis, strategic planning, deployment and implementation of SC&C, taking into account different needs of developed and developing countries; and security, privacy and trust of IoT systems, services and applications for SC&C.

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