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Question 1/16

Question 1/16 - Multimedia systems, terminals and data conferencing

(Continuation of Question 1/16)


Since the first set of Recommendations for audiovisual communication systems for N-ISDN environments (ITU T H.320) were established in 1990, additional audiovisual communication systems have been developed including the H.324-series of ITU T Recommendations for audiovisual communications over the fixed and mobile (wireless) telephone networks and the H.310-series of ITU T Recommendations for point-to-point and multipoint on B-ISDN networks. For data sharing in point-to-point and multipoint environments, the T.120-series of ITU T Recommendations has been developed. Following this, several enhancements with respect to multipoint communication, use of new audio and video coding, security features, call setup acceleration and use of data conferencing and control continue to be developed in the form of new Recommendations or revision of existing ones. To respond to the market needs, these enhancements (with particular attention to the support of advanced coding technologies, interworking with other terminals accommodated in different networks and enhancements to cover other services) may need to be included in existing audiovisual communications system Recommendations to assure these existing systems remain competitive in the market place. The use of technology developed in this Question, typically audio, video and data conferencing systems, improves communication quality and efficiency and contributes to a reduction of greenhouse gas emission when used as an alternative to travel.

This Question deals with extension and maintenance of this large body of multimedia conferencing systems.

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