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Structure of the informal FTP area and e-mail mailing lists

SG15 Informal FTP Area and Mailing Lists (Study Period 2013-2016)

Important information
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​ ​ ​Structure of SG15 informal area​Mailing list archives​Mailing lists
(ex. t09sg15all​)
General distribution list of Study Group 15​
(ex. tsg15initiatives​)
Innovation & Marketing, including BSG and CIT issues

WP1/15 t13sg15wp1
(ex. tsg15wp1​)
Transport aspects of access, home and smart grid networks
​Q1/15 t13sg15q1
(ex. tsg15q1​)
Coordination of access and Home Network Transport standards
Q2/15 ​ t13sg15q2
(ex. ​tsg15q2)
Optical systems for fibre access networks
Q4/15 t13sg15q4
(ex. ​tsg15q4a)
Broadband access over metallic conductors
Q15/15 t13sg15q15
(ex. tsg15q4c)
Communications for Smart Grid
Q18/15 t13sg15q18
(ex. tsg15q4b)
Broadband in-premises networking
WP2/15 t13sg15wp2
(ex. ​tsg15wp2)
Optical technologies and physical infrastructures
Q5/15 t13sg15q5
(ex. tsg15q5​)
Characteristics and test methods of optical fibres and cables
Q6/15 t13sg15q6
(ex. ​tsg15q6)
Characteristics of optical systems for terrestrial transport networks
(ex. ​tsg15q5q6)
NOTE - This is a virtual list addressing all Q5/15 and Q6/15 subscribers for joint activities.​
NOTE - Correspondance on the revision of ITU-T G.654.
Q7/15 t13sg15q7
(ex. tsg15q7​)
Characteristics of optical components and subsystems
Q8/15 t13sg15q8
(ex. tsg15q8​)
Characteristics of optical fibre submarine cable systems
Q16/15 t13sg15q16
(ex. tsg15q16​)
Outside plant and related indoor installation
Q17/15 t13sg15q17
(ex. ​tsg15q17)
Maintenance and operation of optical fibre cable networks
WP3/15 t13sg15wp3
(ex. ​tsg15wp3)
Transport network characteristics
Q3/15 t13sg15q3
(ex. tsg15q3​)
General characteristics of transport networks
Q9/15 t13sg15q9
(ex. tsg15q9​)
Transport network protection/restoration
Q10/15 t13sg15q10
(ex. ​tsg15q10)
Interfaces, Interworking, OAM and Equipment specifications for Packet based Transport Networks
Q11/15 t13sg15q11
(ex. tsg15q11​)
Signal structures, interfaces, equipment functions, and interworking for transport networks
Q12/15 ​ t13sg15q12
(ex. ​tsg15q12)
Transport network architectures
Q13/15 t13sg15q13
(ex. ​tsg15q13)
Network synchronization and time distribution performance
Q14/15 t13sg15q14
(ex. ​tsg15q14)
Management and control of transport systems and equipment
/temp/ (Temporary area - Read+Write access)