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Ad Hoc group on MPLS-TP

The ad hoc Group on MPLS-TP was formed by SG 15 in February 2008 to coordinate work on the development of the MPLS-TP Recommendations within SG 15 and to provide a focal point for communications with the IETF.

Following the approval of the several of the key Recommendation including the OAM Recommendations (G.8113.1 and G.8113.2) approved by WTSA in November 2012 the SG 15 management team have concluded that coordination role provided by the ad hoc group is no longer required since the remaining work on MPLS-TP can be carried out directly in the relevant questions, as described below. Note that responsibility for the equipment aspects has been moved from Q9/15 to Q10/15 effective in the 2013-2016 study period.

  • Q3/15:  responsible for MPLS-TP Terminology
  • Q9/15: responsible for MPLS-TP Protection
  • Q10/15: responsible for MPLS-TP OAM and Equipment
  • Q12/15: responsible for MPLS-TP Network Architecture
  • Q14/15: responsible for MPLS-TP Network Management

Consequently the ad hoc Group on MPLS-TP will not be continued in the new study period (2013-2016) note that the email reflector ( has been deactivated.

The SG15 management team has appointed Mr. Malcolm Betts ( as the acting liaison Rapporteur to the IETF for matters related to MPLS-TP, pending confirmation in the July 2013 plenary. He will also continue to act as the contact point for any issues on MPLS-TP that are not directly related to the work of the Questions.