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Executive Summary of the meeting of Study Group 12 (Geneva, 3-12 December 2013)


The meeting was attended by 94 people from 28 countries.  It received 68 Contributions and handled 173 TDs.  There were 38 incoming Liaison statements and created 18 outgoing Liaison statements.  Ten Recommendations were consented and six informative texts were agreed.  There was a tutorial webinar for summarizing the results of the meeting immediately after the closing plenary on 12 December.

Future meetings
-Rapporteur's meetings
Seven Questions (Qs 4, 5, 9, 10, 13, 14 and 17/12) requested interim Rapporteur's meetings, which were agreed.
-WP2/12 interim meeting
25 March 2014 in Solothurn, Switzerland
-Meeting of SG12 Regional Group for Africa (collocated with Regional Standardization Forum)
23-26 June 2014 (tentative) in Kampala, Uganda
-Meeting of SG12
2-11 September 2014 tentatively in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia (to be confirmed)
-Meeting of QSDG
5-7 November 2014 in Dubai, UAE

Results from groups directly belong to Plenary

  • Handled numerous incoming Liaison statements which were related to workprogramme and entire SG12 activities drafting replies as appropriate.
  • Developed plans to progress the work on Bridging the Standardization Gap (BSG) issues.
  • Examined the SG12 Workprogramme.
    • QoS issue in the last ITU-T CTO meeting held in November 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand
    • Final report of FG-CarCom
  • Coordination of activities on QoS and QoE within ITU
    • Inter-Rapporteur Group on Audiovisual Quality Assessment (IRG-AVQA) was operationally launched (SG12, SG9 and ITU-R SG6 are involved)
  • Considered feedback on the implementation of P.505 on the SG12 website
    • The new Appendix for ITU-T P.505 was approved
  • Considered possible materials on the SG12 web page(FAQ, reference implementations, tutorial etc.)
Regional Group for Africa
  • Reviewed and updated its workprogramme
  • Planned the next SG12 RG-AFR meeting, which is to be collocated with a Regional Standardization Forum
Quality of service development group (QSDG)
  • Updated the QSDG Workprogramme for 2014 and planned the next meeting to be held 5-7 November in Dubai, UAE.

Results from working parties

Working Party 1/12
-Consented four Recommendations:
  • New ITU-T P.806 "A Subjective Quality Test Methodology using Multiple Rating Scales"
  • New ITU-T P.1501 "Subjective testing Methodology for web browsing"
  • Revised ITU-T P.381 "Technical requirements and test methods for the universal wired headset or headphone interface of digital mobile terminals"
  • Revised ITU-T P.581 "Use of head and torso simulator (HATS) for hands-free and handset terminal testing"
-Agreed on one non-normative text:
  • Amendment 2 to ITU-T P.505 "One-view visualization of speech quality measurement results – Amendment 2: New Appendix III"
Working Party 2/12
-Consented two Recommendations:
  • New ITU-T G.1029 "Voice Service Diagnosis Framework"
  • Revised ITU-T G.107 "The E-model: a computational model for use in transmission planning"
-Agreed on three non-normative texts:
  • Amendment 2 to ITU-T P.1201 "Parametric non-intrusive assessment of audiovisual media streaming quality - Amendment 2: New Appendix III"
  • Amendment 1 to ITU-T P.1201.1 "Parametric non-intrusive assessment of audiovisual media streaming quality – Lower resolution application area – Amendment 1: New Appendix I"
  • Amendment 2 to ITU-T P.1201.2 "Parametric non-intrusive assessment of audiovisual media streaming quality – Higher resolution application area – Amendment 2: New Appendix I"
Working Party 3/12
-Consented four Recommendations:
  • New ITU-T E.804 (ex. E.MQoS)  "QoS Aspects for Popular Services in Mobile Networks"
  • New ITU-T E.807 (ex. E.CCH-QoE) "Definitions, associated measurement methods and guidance targets of user-centric parameters for call handling in cellular mobile voice service"
  • New ITU-T G.1031 (ex. G.QoE-web) "QoE factors in web-browsing"
  • Revised ITU-T G.1030 "Estimating end-to-end performance in IP networks for data applications"
-Agreed on two non-normative texts:
  • P.sup27 "Guidelines on Regulatory Aspects of QoS"
  • Amendment 1 to ITU-T Y.1541 "Network performance objectives for IP-based services – Amendment 1: New Appendix XII"