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ITU-T Study Group 11 - Signalling requirements, protocols and test specifications

Executive summary of the WP3/11 meeting (Geneva, 29 April 2016)

A Working Party 3/11 (Attachment and service networking) meeting was held in Geneva in the afternoon of 29 April 2016. The meeting was attended by 32 delegates from 9 countries. The meeting was preceded by SG11 Rapporteurs groups meetings of Questions 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9 and 14/11. Also three special sessions to discuss SG11 restructuring in view of WTSA-16 were held on 27-28 and 29 April 2016. Along with face-to-face meetings, most sessions from various Questions or joint Questions meetings were supported by remote participation capabilities.

1     Approved and Consented Recommendations (ITU-T A.8)

The following table shows the 'Consented' draft Recommendations.

#Question WP/11Draft new/revised Rec. No.TitleFinal TD PLENA.5 justification
19/113/11X.609.1 (X.mp2p-pamp)Managed P2P communications: Peer Activity Management Protocol (PAMP)TD 1126 (GEN/11)TD 1124 (GEN/11)

Supplements, Handbooks, Technical Papers, Guidelines and Corrigenda

2.1  Supplements
No Supplements were approved at this meeting.

2.2  Guidelines
No Guidelines were approved at this meeting.

2.3  Handbooks
No Handbooks were approved at this meeting.

2.4  Technical Papers
No Technical Papers were approved at this meeting

2.5   Corrigenda
No Corrigenda were approved at this meeting.

3     Proposal to organize a workshop on combating counterfeiting

Mr Isaac Boateng, Vice-chairman of SG11, proposed to organize a workshop during next SG11 meeting (27 June - 6 July 2016) on “Combating counterfeiting using conformance and interoperability solutions” taking into account the wish of SG11 Management to promote existing activities of Q8/11 in this field and the desire to involve more stakeholders to progress related work in SG11. The detail proposal is in TD 1131 (GEN/11). The main objective of the workshop is soliciting views, proposals and ideas from ITU experts and experts around the world for further studies during the next study period.
WP3/11 agreed to hold a workshop as proposed and Mr Isaac Boateng, Vice-chairman of SG11 was appointed as a Coordinator.

4     SG11 restructuring in view of WTSA-16

During the preceding joint Rapporteur groups, three special sessions were organized on 27-28 and 29 June 2016, under the chairmanship of Mr Kaoru Kenyoshi, SG11 Vice-chairman / NEC Japan, to discuss SG11 restructuring in view of WTSA-16.
During the special session, the revised Question text for next Study Period as well as modifications to the SG11 part in WTSA Resolution 2 were discussed and an initial proposal agreed. This proposal is however subject of further contributions and discussions at next SG11 meeting.
Mr Kenyoshi also shared a power point which included some consideration on the proposal of TSB Director to merge SG11 with S13, SG15 and WP2/2. These considerations were shared by the participants and further comments are requested for the coming SG11 meeting.
The modified terms of references are to be found in the FTP site TSB will harmonize the current proposal in a new TD to be submitted to SG11 meeting in June/July.

5     Outgoing Liaison Statements

The following table shows the list of proposed outgoing liaison statements. Even if the following liaison statement was discussed and supported by WP3/11, it was decided to postpone to send this liaison statement to next SG11 meeting in June/July 2016 when Question 12/11 and Q7/11 will have the chance to review the incoming liaison statement from SG20 and perhaps add more information to be shared with SG20.

#WPQ (s)ForToTitleReference
14/118InfoITU-T SG20LS/o on interest of Identity of IoT devicesTD 1130 Rev.1 (GEN/11)

6     Approved new work items
The following table shows the new approved work items.

No.QWork item (Draft Recs)StatusTitleEditorTimingRef.
1Q9/11X.mp2p-msppNewManaged P2P communications: Multimedia streaming peer protocol

Hyun Wook
Shin-Gak Kang

2017-12TD 1127 (GEN/11)
2Q8/11TR-Uni_Id *Under studyTechnical Report on use of anti-counterfeiting technical solutions relying on unique and persistent mobile device identifiers

Dmytro Protsenko
João Alexandre Moncaio Zanon


Annex B to TD 1129
(C-269 rev.1)

NOTE *: The new work item (TR-Uni_Id) updates the title and scope of an existing work item (TR-Sub_Una).

7     Future meetings and next Study Group 11 meeting

7.1  Rapporteur groups
The following interim Rapporteurs’ groups meetings are agreed by WP3/11

Question/WPDatePlace / HostTerms of referenceContact
7/1111-12 May 2016E-meeting- Progress all current work items of Q7/11
- Discuss new work item proposals
Kwihoon Kim
9/1123-27 May 2016.E-meeting- Progress all current work items of Q9/11 and discuss new work item proposalsShin-Gak Kang

The next SG11 meeting is scheduled in Geneva, 27 June-6 July 2016. An update of its draft timetable was added to the Annex 1 of WP3/11 report in coordination with TSB and SG11 Management. To be noted the proposal to organize a special session on SS7 security on 29 June 2016.