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SG11 activities to combat counterfeit and stolen ICT equipment


counterfeit.pngQuestion 15 of ITU-T Study Group 11 (Q15/11) "Combating counterfeit and stolen ICT equipment" - is addressing the growing problem of counterfeited telecommunication/ICT products and devices, which is adversely affecting all stakeholders in the ICT field (vendors, governments, operators and consumers). Cooperation among ITU T study groups, between ITU T and ITU D as well as with external bodies outside the ITU (in particular with SDOs), will be required to gather a complete information in this regard. Q15/11 welcomes contributions to progress standardization in this field.
For any further information, contact ITU-T SG11 Secretariat at tsbsg11[at]​

Ongoing standardization work

Following the approval of a Technical Report on Counterfeit ICT Equipment (2015), SG11 has initiated the development of a normative Recommendation, “Framework for solution to combat counterfeit ICT Devices” (Q.FW_CCF), to describe a reference framework and requirements to be considered when deploying anti-counterfeiting solutions.

In 2017, ITU-T SG11 started the development of a new draft Recommendation “Framework for Combating the use of Stolen Mobile ICT Devices” (Q.FW_CSM​) aimed at describing requirements and a broad range of measures that can be taken and applied to combat the use of stolen mobile ICT devices.

Currently, ITU-T SG11 is developing two new Technical Reports:
    • Technical Report - Guidelines on Best Practice and Solutions for Combating Counterfeit ICT Devices (TR-BR_CF);
    • Technical Report on use of anti-counterfeiting technical solutions relying on unique and persistent mobile device identifiers (TR-Uni_Id​).​ 
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