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Meeting results concerning Recommendations

Actions taken on Recommendations at 23 October 2015
Meeting of Study Group 5
(Geneva, 12-23 October 2015)

1. Approved Recommendation by SG 5 (according to A.8 §5)      

ITU-T Rec. Number​​Title​​Question
L.1440Methodology for environmental impact assessment of information and communication technologies at city level (TD1112R2)​18/5

2. Recommendations Consented by SG 5 for Last Call (AAP - Recommendation A.8) 

2.1 Revised Recommendations

ITU-T Rec. Number​​Title​​Question
K.67​Expected surges on telecommunication networks due to lightning (TD1244)​5/5
​K.59​EMC, resistibility and safety requirements and procedures for connection to unbundled cables (TD1234R1)​6/5
​K.60​Emission levels and test methods for wireline telecommunication networks to minimize electromagnetic disturbance of radio services (TD1139R2)6​/5

2.2 New Recommendations

ITU-T Rec. Number​​​TitleQuestion​
Amendment 2 to
ITU-T K.44
​Resistibility tests for telecommunication equipment exposed to overvoltages and overcurrents – Amendment 2 (TD1279)​2, 4/5
(ex K.hvps2)
Method for determining the impedance to earth of earthing systems (TD1246)​3/5
(ex K.jup)
​Joint-use of poles by telecommunication and solidly earthed power lines (TD1242)​3/5
(ex K.tup)
​Installation of telecommunication equipment on utility poles (TD1243)​3/5
(ex K.ldt)
​Lightning protection of the dedicated transformer for radio base station* (TD1273R1)​5/5
Protection of surrounding structures of telecommunication towers against lightning (TD1257R1)​5/5
(ex K.tot)
Lightning protection, earthing and bonding: practical procedures for radio base station* (TD1272R1)​5/5
(ex K.maps)
​Generation of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) level maps (TD1114R2)​7/5
(ex K.bts_emc)
Electromagnetic compatibility requirements and measurement methods for digital cellular mobile communication base station equipment (TD1131R3)​9/5
(ex K.secmiti)
Mitigation methods against electromagnetic security threats (TD1213R1)​10/5
(ex K.ter_emc)
EMC requirements and test methods for radio telecommunication terminal equipment (TD1123R1)​11/5
(ex L.UPA portable)
​External universal power adapter solutions for portable information and communication technology devices* (TD1164R4)13/5
(ex L.infrastructure adaptation)
Adapting information and communication technology infrastructure to the effects of climate change (TD1141R2)​15/5
(ex L.cities adaptation)
Information and communication technologies for climate change adaptation in cities (TD1208R1)​15/5
(ex L.assessment_DC)
Assessment of energy efficiency on infrastructure in data centre and telecom centre (TD1151R5)17/5
Overview of key performance indicators in smart sustainable cities* (TD1189)18/5
​Key performance indicators related to the use of information and communication technology in smart sustainable cities* (TD1190R1)18/5
​Key performance indicators related to the sustainability impacts of information and communication technology in smart sustainable cities* (TD1192R1)18/5
Colour and marking identification of up to 400VDC power distribution for ICT systems* (TD1159R5)19/5
 *: some texts are subject to editorial clean-up before posting. Hence, the version posted may differ from the TD indicated. These texts are planned to start Last Call in the next few weeks.
3. Agreed informative texts
​Supplement to ITU-T K-series Recommendations -
ITU-T K.20, K.21, K.45 and K.82
Additional criteria to protect telecommunication cabling during a power cross event (TD1274)​2/5
​Supplement 2 to ITU-T Rec. K.91 Electromagnetic field (EMF) considerations in smart sustainable cities (TD1256)​7/5
​Supplement to ITU-T L-series Recommendations Green Public ICT Procurement (TD1286) ​13/5
​Supplement to ITU-T L-series Recommendations - L.1500​Requirements for water sensing and early warning systems (TD1226​15/5
​Supplement to ITU-T L-series Recommendations- L.1500​Smart water management in cities (TD1227)​15/5
​Supplement to ITU-T L-series Recommendations - L.1500​Standardization gap analysis for smart water management (TD1255​15/5
​Supplement to ITU-T L.1410 ​Case study: a hybrid approach based comparative analysis of the environmental impact of a baseline data centre and an energy-efficient data centre  (TD1225)​18/5
​Supplement 1 to ITU-T L-series Recommendations -L.1600 ​Definition for smart sustainable city (TD1188R1)​18/5
​Supplement 2 to ITU-T L-series Recommendations - L.1600Smart sustainable cities: an analysis of definitions ​(TD1214)​18/5
​Supplement 3 to ITU-T L-series Recommendations- L.1600

Key performance indicators definitions for smart sustainable cities ​(TD1206

4. Agreed questionnaire
​Green ICT standard landscape questionnaires (TD1187)​17/5