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Meeting results concerning Recommendations

Actions taken on Recommendations at 19 December 2014
Meeting of Study Group 5
(Kochi, 8-19 December 2014)

1. Recommendations Consented by SG 5 for Last Call (AAP - Recommendation A.8) 

1.1 Revised Recommendations

ITU-T Rec. Number​​Title​​Question
K.20​Resistibility of telecommunication equipment installed in a telecommunications centre to overvoltages and overcurrents  (TD899)​4/5
​K.21​Resistibility of telecommunication equipment installed in customer premises to overvoltages and overcurrents  (TD910)​4/5
​K.27​Bonding configurations and earthing inside a telecommunication building (TD796)​5/5
​K.45​Resistibility of telecommunication equipment installed in the access and trunk networks to overvoltages and overcurrents  (TD912)​4/5
​K.44 Amd.1​Resistibility tests for telecommunication equipment exposed to overvoltages and overcurrents – Amendment (TD909)​4/5
​K.98 Cor.1​Overvoltage protection guide for telecommunications equipment installed in customer premises – Corrigendum (TD826)​4/5
​K.74​Electromagnetic compatibility, resistibility and safety requirements for home network devices (TD739)​8/5
​K.79 ​Electromagnetic characterization of the radiated environment in the 2.4 GHz ISM band (TD920) ​11/5

1.2 New Recommendations

ITU-T Rec. Number​​​TitleQuestion​
K.103​Surge protective component application guide - Silicon PN junction components (ex K.appl3) (TD877)​2/5
​K.104​Method for identifying the transfer potential of EPR from HV and/or MV to the earthing system or neutral of LV network (ex ​K.hvps1) (TD729)​3/5
​K.105​Lightning protection of photovoltaic power supply system feeding a radio base station (ex K.lsr) (TD797)​5/5
K.106​Techniques to mitigate interference between radio devices and cable or equipment connected to wired broadband networks and cable television networks (ex K.mhn) (TD738)​8/5
​L.1301​Minimum data set and communication interface requirements for data centre energy management (ex L.DC_minimun_set) (TD894)​17/5
​L.1321Reference operational model and interface for improving energy efficiency of ICT network hosts ​(ex L.model EE ICT) (TD861)​17/5
​L.1330​Energy efficiency measurement and metrics for telecommunication network (ex L.MandM Network) (TD814)​17/5
​​L.1440​Methodology for environmental impact assessment of information and communication technologies at city level ​​(ex L.methodology_ICT in cities) (TD931)​18/5
​L.1202Methodologies for evaluating the performance of up to 400VDC power feeding system and its environmental impact (ex L.performance) (TD812)​19/5
2. Agreed informative texts
K.96 Appendix II – IEC 61000-4-5 Edition 3 impulse (surge) waveshape duration (TD897)​2/5
K.52 Supplement 1 – Software K.52 calculator (TD933)​7/5
K.70 Appendix I – New version v.5.0 of the software EMF-estimator (TD934) ​7/5
​Supplement on Life-cycle management of ICT goods (TD737​13/5
​Supplement on Guidelines for developing a sustainable e-waste management system (TD836)​13/5
​Supplement on Validation test of a data centre cooling method using renewable energy in a cold region (TD870​17/5
​Supplement on Rationale for minimum data set for evaluating energy efficiency and for controlling data centre equipment in view of power saving (TD869)​17/5
​Supplement on Potential for primary energy savings in TLC/ICT centres through free cooling (TD868)​17/5
​Supplement on Case study of reduction of air-conditioning energy by optical fibre based thermometry (TD867​17/5
​Supplement on Verification experiments related to increase of efficiency of air-conditioning and control technologies at a data centre  (TD866)​17/5
​Supplement on Verification test and feasibility study of energy and space efficient cooling systems for data centres with high density ICT devices   (TD864)​17/5
​Supplement on Experimental studies on plates and ducts installed at equipment inlets and outlets (TD863) ​17/5
3. Agreed questionnaire
​Questionnaire on best practice of e-waste management (TD905)​13/5
Notes*: some texts are subject to editorial clean-up before posting. Hence, the version posted may differ slightly from the TD indicated.