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SG5 Informal FTP Area and Mailing Lists

SG5 Informal FTP Area and Mailing Lists (Study Period 2013-2016)

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General Distribution List of Study Group 5

q12 t13sg5q12​

Guides and terminology on environment and climate change​

wp1 t13sg5wp1

Damage prevention and safety​

q1 t13sg5q1

Copper cables, networks and fibre-optic connection hardware for broadband access​

​q2 t13sg5q2

Protective components and assemblies​

q3 t13sg5q3

Interference to telecommunication networks due to power systems and electrified railway systems​

q4 t13sg5q4​

Resistibility and safety in telecommunications​

​q5 t13sg5q5

Lightning protection and earthing of telecommunication systems​

wp2 t13sg5wp2

Electromagnetic fields: emission, immunity and human exposure​

q6 t13sg5q6

EMC issues arising from the convergence of IT and communication equipment​

​q7 t13sg5q7​

Human exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) due to radio systems and mobile equipment​

​q8 ​t13sg5q8

​EMC issues in home networks

q9 t13sg5q9​

​Generic and product family EMC recommendations for telecommunication equipment

q10 ​t13sg5q10

Security of telecommunication and information systems concerning the electromagnetic environment​

​q11 t13sg5q11​

EMC requirements for the Information Society​

wp3 t13sg5wp3​

ICT and climate change​

q13 t13sg5q13​

​Environmental impact reduction including e-waste

q14 t13sg5q14​

​Setting up a low cost sustainable telecommunication infrastructure for rural communications in developing countries

​q15 t13sg5q15​

ICTs and adaptation to the effects of climate change​

q16 t13sg5q16​

​Leveraging and enhancing the ICT Environmental sustainability

​q17 t13sg5q17

Energy efficiency for the ICT sector and harmonization of environmental standards​

​q18 t13sg5q18

Methodologies for the assessment of environmental impact of ICT​

q19 t13sg5q19​

Power feeding systems​

afr t13sg5rg​afr

Regional Group of SG5 for Africa (SG5 RG-AFR)

arb t13sg5rgarb

Regional Group of SG5 for the Arab Region (SG5 RG-ARB)​

amr t13sg5rg​amr

Regional Group of SG5 for the Americas (SG5 RG-AMR)​​





Regional Group of SG5 for Asia and the Pacific (SG5 RG-AP)

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