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Executive Summary, May 2013

Executive Summary of the Study Group 3 Meeting (27-31 May 2013)
New Leadership Team:           Chairman:
                                                      Mr S. TSUGAWA (J)
                                                      Ms J. ADOU BIENDJUI (CTI)
                                                      Mr F. FERNANDEZ BEGN (ARG)
                                                      Mr B.N. LEE (K)
                                                      Mr L. MARTINKOVICKS (USA)
                                                      Mr R. MFUNGAHEMA (TZA)
                                                      Mr A. SAID (EGY)
                                                      Mr D. WURGES  (F)
                                                      Mr A. YAKOVENKO (RUS)
Approval of Supplements to Recommendations
The meeting approved 5 new supplements as follows:

Rec.#​ Supplement title​
D.50​ Supplement 2: Guidelines for reducing the costs of international internet connectivity
​D.195 Supplement 1: Credit Management Guidelines 
​D.195 Supplement 2: DSO Management Guidelines
​D.195 Supplement 3: Prepayment Guidelines
​D.170 Supplement 5: Guidelines for Fraud Mitigation
SG2/SG3 Collaboration
The meeting agreed to change the date of the next SG3 meeting to the week before the SG2 meeting (i.e. 26-30 May 2014) in response to WTSA-12.  The SG3 and SG3 Chairmen presented a paper (TD48) on possible areas of collaboration between the two study groups.
Call for Proposals on Working Methods and Structure of Study Group 3
As this is the start of a new study period, the Chairman presented a discussion paper (TD80Rev1) on the working methods and structure of SG3 going forward, which  includes proposed re-wording of questions, ideas on increasing the input and output to and from SG3, enhancing the visibility and effectiveness of the study group, and ensuring simplicity and transparency of working methods. He called for proposals and contributions from the delegates over the next year as well as from the regional groups. The document was received favourably by delegates and the Chairman was commended on his initiative. The group noted the uniqueness of SG3, and the need to take into account both qualitative and quantitative criteria in assessing progress and performance.
Regional Group Meetings
The meeting agreed to create a new regional group for the Arab region, for a total of four regional groups:
AFR, AO, ARB and LAC.  The tentative schedule for the regional group meetings is set out below: 

​Location Dates​
​TBD Last week of August/early September 2013 (TBD)
Congo Brazzaville 3-6 February 2014
Costa Rica 4-7 March 2014 or
11-14 March 2014 (TBD)
Mongolia 7 July -10 July 2014
SG3RG-ARB ​TBD Week of 17-21 November 2014 (TBD)
SG3 Thematic Workshops
The meeting agreed to hold two thematic workshops at the next SG3 meeting in Geneva in May 2014 on NGN and Regional Cost Models. 

Rapporteur Groups on specific issues
In addition to Q4/3 and Q5/3 Rapporteur groups, the following 7 rapporteur groups were established by the meeting on specific economic and policy issues, for a total of 9 rapporteur groups.

SG3 Rapporteur Groups (2013-2016)​
          1          ​ ​NGN Charging and Accounting
2​ ​International Internet Connectivity, including IP peering, Regional Traffic Exchange Points,  and cost of provision of services
​3 ​Economic impact of transition from IPv4 to IPv6
​4 ​Mobile Roaming Issues
​5 ​Study of the use of commercial agreements for international telecommunications services arrangements
6​ ​Dispute Resolution related to Charging and Invoicing
​7 ​Alternative Calling Procedures, and misappropriation and misuse of facilities and services (CLI, CPND and OI)