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SG12 Special Projects and Issues

Packet Performance

Document Exchange FTP Area

This FTP area is intended for document interchange between ITU-T Study Group 12 questions addressing the area of packet performance (e.g., definitions of metrics/parameters and numerical objectives) and other standards development organizations, such as the IETF.

The main objective for the site is to provide a globally accessible storage point for documents that are not otherwise available, and where commentary is sought from non-ITU-T members. This way, broader review will be possible, and higher quality documents will result.

The site is intended to be used as a compliment to e-mail facilities. E-mail will be used for exchange of comments on the documents and for discussion.

Write access to the Packet Performance FTP area will be reserved for those who have requested a password. Read access will be available to any interested user.

Packet Performance Document Exchange FTP Area may be accessed:

  • Via HTTP:
  • Via FTP: File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Client
    • Host Name:
    • Host Type: Unix (Standard)
    • Remote Host Name: /packet
    • Log in with your username and password
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