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SG12 Special Projects and Issues

Accessibility and Human Factors

SG12 recognizes that Resolution 70 emphasizes to all study groups the importance of universal design of accessible telecommunication/ICT services, products and terminals. Accordingly, SG12 supports the JCA-AHF in its coordination efforts, and will take AHF aspects into account in developing Recommendations.

In the past, SG12 published several telephony-oriented Recommendations with AHF aspects, such as P.340 (Transmission characteristics and speech quality parameters of hands-free terminals), P.350 (Handset dimensions), P.360 (Efficiency of devices for preventing the occurrence of excessive acoustic pressure by telephone receivers) and P.370 (Coupling Hearing Aids to Telephone sets).

The current SG12 work program (e.g., performance/design of terminals and networks, objective and subjective assessment tools, quality of service, and quality of experience) applies to all types of user applications (audio, video, text/image). SG12 currently has no specific AHF-related deliverables, but will consider the needs of all users of telecommunication/ICT services, including those with disabilities, in the development of our Recommendations. Accordingly it is important that SG12 receive information regarding requirements of all users.