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Telecommunications for Disaster Relief and Mitigation - Partnership Co-ordination Panel (PCP-TDR)

The creation of the PCP-TDR was proposed at the February 2003 ITU-T workshop on Telecommunications for Disaster Relief (TDR), endorsed by TSAG in its February 2003 meeting, and approved by ITU-T Study Group 16 in May 2003. After WTSA-04, PCP-TDR is under the responsibility of ITU-T Study Group 2.
The PCP-TDR should ensure that key players are involved in defining and meeting the requirements for telecommunications for disaster relief, here included early warning. Participation is open to international telecommunication service providers, related government departments, standards development organizations, disaster relief organizations, and other entities working in the field.
Meeting report:
The report of the PCP-TDR held in Geneva on 2 May 2006 is available and can be found in the PCP-TDR FTP area at:  

Terms of reference, mode of operations and membership

The Terms of Reference are as follows:
The PCP-TDR will operate as follows:
Members of this PCP would be (non-exhaustive list):