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SG12 RG-AFR Terms of Reference

Terms of reference of the Regional Group of SG 12
on QoS issues for Africa region



During the study period 2205-2008, several actions have been done inside SG12 in order to implement WTSA Resolutions 17 (Telecommunication standardization in relation to the interests of developing countries) and 44 (Bridging the standardization Gap between developing and developed countries) and to take into account Resolution 123 of Plenipotentiary Conference

After a lot of consultations, it has been decided that the best approach should be to create a Regional group, as defined in WTSA Resolution 54.

1. Decision

Study Group 12 established a Regional Group on QoS issues for Africa region (SG12 RG-AFR) at its 22-30 May 2008 meeting.

2. Objectives

The main objectives of the Regional Group are as follows:

  • To encourage to take an active participation in work of ITU-T SG12 by African Regulators and Operators, and in the implementation of the ITU-T Recommendations on Performance/QoS and QoE.

  • To boost discussions on QoS challenges facing operators and regulators in the continent.

  • To encourage participation by African countries in the Rapporteur’s meeting, workshops and other SG 12 events.

    The SG12 Regional Group for Africa on QoS will offer help to potential interested experts to join and participate to the informal mailing list discussions, in order increase the participation of experts to the work of the Questions. It will provide at least the major information from the workshops and SG12 events and will encourage expects to submit papers to these events.

  • To encourage African countries to contribute to the work of ITU-T SG12 and in particular to the new/revised Recommendations developed by ITU-T SG12.

  • To encourage the African countries to actively participate in QSDG and other QoS related meetings, at least when such meetings are organized in the African Region.

  • To ensure that ITU-T SG12 avails relevant information on standards applicable to telecommunication networks, including test equipment for QoS monitoring and measuring.

  • Act as liaison body between African telecommunication operators/regulators and ITU-T SG12 in matters relating to QoS standards.

3. Management of the SG12 Regional Group for Africa

Chairman and Vice-Chairman are nominated for a term of two years. The nominations are endorsed by SG12 Plenary.

  • Chairman: Mr. Daniel Waturu, Kenya
  • Vice-Chairman: Ms. Cynthia jansen, Botswana

4. Web site

The contents of the website shall be defined by Management of SG12 Regional Group for Africa, with the endorsement of SG12 Management team.