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Study Group 2 Regional Group for East Africa

The East African Communications entities Organisation (EACO) Congress convened on 29 May 2009 in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania noted the need to consider ways to improve effective implementation of the WTSA-08 Recommendations and Resolutions.

Emulating from other regions (e.g. Arab, European Union) it was resolved to form an EACO standardisation Group to enhance participation in ITU-T activities and to so inform ITU-T Study Group 2 (see TD 188 (GEN/2)), requesting that Study Group 2 recognize this group as a regional group in accordance with WTSA-08 Resolution 54 (Rev. Johannesburg, 2008) Creation of regional groups.

At it 16-24 November 2009 meeting, ITU-T Study Group 2 duly recognized the Standardization Group of the East Africa Communications Organization as an ITU-T Study Group 2 regional group, with the following Terms of Reference.

Terms of Reference

  1. Prepare plans and mechanisms to promote the standardization activities in the region
  2. Co-ordinate consultative and preparatory meetings
  3. Co-ordinate drafting of regional contributions to ITU-T meetings
  4. Co-ordinate participation in the ITU-T meetings
  5. Prepare and present reports as feedback to relevant EACO

The working methods will be similar to those of SG2RG-ARB, see Annex 1 of TD 6 (PLEN/2).

The contact person for SG2 will be Mr James Kilaba (Tanzania), kilaba[at]

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