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Regional Group of SG2 in the ARAB Region
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The SG2 RG-ARB was established by Study Group 2 at its 3-11 May 2006 meeting. The objective of the Regional Group is to facilitate the involvement of Developing Countries (DC) in SG2 standardization activities, reflection of DC needs and requirements in SG2 questions, promote the implementation of SG2 recommendations, and increase awareness of DC with SG2 standardization areas.

Among the methodologies to achieve these goals are: Convening regional meetings, Use of electronic means and Collaboration of experts from the developed countries - as Flagship Group leaders - with DC experts.

Recent Activities:

Fifth Regional Group Meeting
Dubai, UAE 14 December 2011:

The fifth SG2-RG-ARB meeting has been held jointly with the “Permanent Arab Standardization Team” meeting in Dubai, UAE 14 December 2011, with the kind hospitality of the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of the United Arab Emirates (TRA), with the attendance 36 participants form 9 Arab States (Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, and United Arab Emirates). 
Most importantly in this meeting:
  • The meeting was focused on the preparatory process for WTSA 2012. The meeting overviewed WTSA-08 (Johannesburg, 2008) Resolutions and the relevant PP-10 (Guadalajara, 2010), and WTDC (Hyderabad, 2010) Resolutions, in particular those relevant to the Standardization Sector and to the SG2 in particular and as well of interest to the Arab Region.
  • The TSB councilor Mr. Richard Hill provided a detailed presentation on the WTSA12 preparatory process and the hot topics that may be considered in the Assembly. The meeting identified the topics of interest to the region and called for contribution to the SG2 meeting in March 2012 and to the next SG2RG-ARB meeting planned to be in April/May 2012 jointly with the WCIT/WTSA12 preparatory meeting.

Fourth Regional Group Meeting
Khartoum, Sudan, 27 April 2011:

The fourth SG2-RG-ARB meeting has been held back to back with the “Permanent Arab Standardization Team” meeting in Khartoum, Sudan, 26-27 April 2011 with the kind hospitality of the National Telecommunication Corporation of Sudan (NTC). Due to the political circumstances in the region, only 4 Arab countries have participated in the meeting (Sudan, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain). 

Most importantly in this meeting:

  • Overview of the outcomes of PP-10 (Guadalajara, Mexico 2010), and WTDC (Hyderabad, India 2010) conferences, in particular Resolutions relevant to the Standardization Sector and to SG2 and are of interest to the Arab Region.
  • Reviewing the main topics discussed in the last two meetings of SG2, focusing on issues mainly related to SG2-WP1 and of interest to the Region.
  • Reviewing the outcome of the CWG-WCIT fourth meeting 4-6 April 2011 in preparation for WCIT-12.
  • Setting the Work Program till the next SG2 and SG2RG-ARB meetings.

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