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GSC-15 Resolutions
File Number​ File Name​
​1 GSC15-Res01​ Continuing Cooperation on IMT Standardization​
2​ ​GSC15-Res02 Emergency communications
3​ ​GSC15-Res03 Network aspects of identification systems
4​ ​GSC15-Res04 Identity Management
5​ ​GSC15-Res06 IPTV Standards
6​ ​GSC15-Res08 ICT and the Environment
7​ ​GSC15-Res09 ICT Management and operations
8​ ​GSC15-Res10 Next Generation Networks(NGN)
9​ ​GSC15-Res11 Cybersecurity
10​ ​GSC15-Res12 Home Networking
11​ ​GSC15-Res13 Global UWB Standardization including UWB Radar and SensorImaging Applications
12​ ​GSC15-Res14 ITS Task Force
13​ ​GSC15-Res15 Reconfigurable Radio Systems
14​ ​GSC15-Res17 Mobile Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast
15​ ​GSC15-Res19 Measurement methodologies
16​ ​GSC15-Res20 Radio Microphones and Cordless Audio Standardization
17​ ​GSC15-Res21 Broadband Wireless Access RLANs and ad-hoc Networking
18​ ​GSC15-Res22 Intellectual Property Rights Policies
19​ ​GSC15-Res23 Cooperation with Patent and Trademark Offices
20​ ​GSC15-Res24 Open standards
21​ ​GSC15-Res25 Personally Identifiable Information Protection
22​ ​GSC15-Res26 User Needs, Considerations and Involvement
23​ ​GSC15-Res27 Telecommunication ICT Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities
24​ ​GSC15-Res28 Interoperability
25​ ​GSC15-Res29 Smart Grid
26​ ​GSC15-Res30 Machine to Machine
27​ ​GSC15-Res31 Service Oriented Networks
28​ ​GSC15-Res32 Cloud Computing
29​ ​GSC15-Res33 Radio Aspects of Electronic Article Surveillance(EAS)System
30​ ​GSC15-Resindex GSC-15 Resolution index