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PP-18 coneference

Capacity Building

​​First FIGI Symposium: Innovative Approaches to Digital Financial Inclusion Challenges
29 November - 1 December 2017


Day 1, 29 November 2017


SESSION 1: Competition issues in digital financial services: A case study

Organizer: ITU

This session will be a facilitated role-play session designed to work through a practical case study of competition issues in DFS. The scenario will use one of the key competition problems, for example exclusionary pricing of telecommunications services used for DFS. Although the market will be fictional, the fact pattern will be based on real cases. The role-play will allow participants to explore the issues and dilemmas in a live session with support and guidance.
Working in teams, the participants will represent the key players, e.g., a MNO, a new entrant DFS provider, the Central Bank and the telecom regulator. Participants will receive in advance a briefing with a common set of facts describing the market, the regulatory regime and the competition problems. Each party will separately receive its own briefing with facts known only to it, such as its financial concerns, political pressures and key objectives. Participants should review the briefings in advance of the session. Briefings will be made available to participants after confirming their registration for the session.
During the session, the groups will confer internally, and possibly with each other, and then hold a hearing before the regulators dealing with a complaint between the market players. The regulators will hear each party and then confer between themselves and render a decision. The session will close with a debriefing discussion of the key issues and lessons learned.

Session Facilitator: Rory Macmillan, Partner, Macmillan Keck
Speaker: Abdul Musoke, Interconnection and Tariffs Engineer, Uganda Communications Commission

SESSION 2: The PAFI guiding principles

Organizer: World Bank​

This session will be designed to share the experiences of central banks and other stakeholders in application of the Payment Aspects of Financial Inclusion (PAFI) guiding framework for advancing access and usage of transaction accounts. It will feature a panel discussion and facilitated interactive workshop on PAFI. The first part of the session will provide an introduction to the PAFI objectives, its framework, and the guiding principles.  A key focus of attention of the panel will be on emerging approaches to PAFI implementation.   The panel discussion will provide the foundation for a facilitated participant workshop to identify challenges associated with specific set of principles and discuss approaches that have been successful in their respective jurisdictions.

Panel Chair: Marc Hollanders, Special Adviser on Financial Infrastructure, CPMI, BIS

Addressing Cybersecurity threats in digital financial services

Organizer: ITU

This is a technical session targeting regulators and DFS providers highlighting the security threats to the underlying communications and payment system infrastructure and how these risks can be mitigated. The session will include demonstrations of different types of threats and vulnerabilities and also measures that can be implemented. Some of the threats and technologies that would be considered include amongst others: interception of payment transactions, SS7 vulnerabilities, application security issues, digital identity for authentication, etc. The session will also consider the role of regulators in mitigating the risks of these threats and the recommendations of the ITU-T Focus Group Digital Financial Services.

Moderator:  Leon Perlman, Columbia Business School