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MoU on electronic business between IEC, ISO, ITU, and UN/ECE

Annex B: MoU Management Group - Terms of Reference


In each standardization organization there is a decision making process. The work of the MoU Management Group will be to review and prepare recommendations for these organizations.
In the area of Electronic Business the MoU Management Group shall promote synergy in standardization through encouraging cooperation and by the timely identification of, and recommendation to resolve, divergences and overlaps.

Representatives of the CEOs of the standardization organizations, representatives of the participating International User Groups and key advisors shall be invited at the discretion of each individual body, with notice to the other bodies.
The MoU Management Group with the help of an ad hoc group for all procedural matters will constitute the management of the MoU as follows:

Meeting frequency:



  1. Representatives of the secretariats of the standardization organizations
  2. Chairs (or their nominated representatives) of ISO and IEC Committees, ITU-T Study Groups and UN/CEFACT Working Groups including, but not restricted to, those listed below.
    The ISO and IEC secretaries of the Committees and the Counselor(s) of ITU-T Study Group(s) may attend as observers but may not represent their Committee or Study Group unless they have been so nominated.
  3. Representatives of the participating International User Groups

Operating procedures:

The current list of ISO and IEC Committees is:

The current list of UN/CEFACT Working Groups is:

The current list of ITU-T Study Groups is: