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Jules Verne's corner - ITU Kaleidoscope 2018 Special Session

​​The Jules Verne's corner was a special session of the ITU Kaleidoscope academic conference, which in 2018 was entitled "Machine learning for a 5G future" and was held in Santa Fe, Argentina, on 26-28 November.

The future of work and the future of privacy in the era of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques are growing at exponential rate, revolutionizing our society.
This revolution may be seen as a force of disruption, as AI is responsible for displacing some jobs and lagging behind some current skills, businesses, and institutions. But AI may actually also be seen as an opportunity.

The advances in the capacity to handle, collect and process large volumes of data is helping businesses and industries cut costs, reduce errors, save time, improve decision-making, and ultimately, solve complex problems that were once indecipherable by the human brain alone.

Rather than displacing them, new jobs are being created pushing the boundaries of the traditional job market. In addition to creating new jobs, AI is also helping to empowering, retraining and upskilling the workforce.

Thanks to AI, we will increasingly experience unimaginable changes in life. What does this mean for the protection of personal data? Are there new privacy challenges in terms of consent, transparency, use, and control in these new contexts and products? If so, is the existing policy framework sufficient to address them? How to ensure that no one is left behind this revolution in the job market?

These were just some of the questions that the panelists at the Jules Verne’s corner addressed. Discussion focused on how AI technologies would continue to innovate while projecting the future of work and the future of privacy.