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Sauvik Banerjjee

S Banerjjee.jpgSauvik Banerjjee is the youngest global player in new generation technology, he happens to also be the oldest subject matter expert in pure tech. A firm believer of moderation in life as is demonstrated in his award winning digital film, he has been responsible for taking disruptive tech in omni-channel commerce to unimaginable new levels.
His passion for tech,​ lead him to become one of the only 6 people in the world to have worked on all global Omni channel platforms with over 150+ digital implementations running successfully all over the world across industry verticals. His current focus is on disruptions in the following areas:
• Artificial Intelligence for consumer usage-deep learning and machine learning
• Internet of Things (IoT) for logistics to waste management
• Industry 4.0 and its impact on current B2B and B2C usage in plant lines
• Hover Board usage and drone usage for domestic purposes.

His research on cross language retrieval on search engine algorithms has been stellar and he is on a single minded mission in India to be the reason behind Connect India in every way hepossibly can. Other than currently handholding India’s latest 6 giant Omni-channel roll outs with the intent of impacting and changing the face of India’s Omni-channel market.
Sauvik has been working on his book to be released soon.
A global achiever and a mentor to over 600 people all over the world till date and mentors of 15 global start ups.