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Petro Vorobiyenko

Petro Vorobiyenko rector of A.S. Popov Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications, Doctor of Engineering, rektor.jpg
Professor, member of the Academy of Telecommunications of Ukraine, honored worker of Education of Ukraine, laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, honorary signaller Ukraine, honored worker of Transport of Ukraine. His research covers a wide range of problems associated with the development of theory, technology and telecommunications technology, namely optimization of linear channels of digital transmission systems, design duplex devices for signals conversion. Within the framework of established by him trend “Infocommunicology” it was developed the theory of open systems and defined the basic infocommunications theory. Information theory (including quantum) and its quantitative measurement has been developed also. It was made a significant contribution to the theory and practice of infocommunications.
Petro Vorobiyenko has authored more than 190 scientific papers, including 6 monographs, 10 textbooks and manuals, 16 copyright certificates and patents.