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Toshiaki Kurokawa

Toshiaki Kurokawa is an ICES Founder and a Researcher at Intellectual Property Science Laboratory of Kanazawa InstituteTK22a (3).jpg
of Technology, located in downtown Tokyo. He is also an Affiliated Fellow at Science and Technology Foresight Center, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan. He is currently engaged in the project of “Evaluation for skills of human resource required for standardization” sponsored by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan. Mr. Kurokawa has been engaged in standardization through his engineering/marketing/management career at IBM and SCSK (formerly CSK) Corporation from around 1990 mostly in ICT area. In 2006, he founded International Cooperation on Education about Standardization (ICES, with his friends, and has talked his experience at various places including foreign countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and USA. He has published numerous papers on education about standardization, ICT and Design Thinking at such journals as “Science & Technology Trends – Quarterly Review.” His research covers other areas such as Requirement Engineering, Software Testing, Ontology and Cloud Computing. He is also working for the Re-vitalization of senior Science/Technology/Engineering people with collaboration of younger generation.