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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Fifth SG13 Regional Workshop for Africa on
"ITU-T Standardization Work on Future Networks: Towards a Better Future for Africa"
(Cairo, Egypt, 2-3 April 2017)​


Day 1, 2 April 2017

​08:30 - 09:30Registration
​09:30 - 10:40​Opening Ceremony
Welcome Address by the Host (Eng. Ahmed Raghy, NTRA, Egypt[Biography]
Welcome by ITU-T (Ms. Tatiana Kurakova, SG13 Counsellor) [Biography​]
Welcome by SG13RG-AFR chairman (Mr. Simon Bugaba, Uganda Communications Commission, Uganda[Biography]

Opening Remarks
​10:40 - 11:10Presentation on the standards needs and values for developing countries (Eng. Ahmed Raghy, NTRA, Egypt)
[Biography | Presentation​]
The goals of this presentation are to facilitate the participation of developing countries in the ICT standards development process, to explain how to allow developing countries to profit from access to new technology development and to ensure that the requirements of developing countries are taken into account in the development of standards.
​11:10 - 11:30Tea/Coffee Break
​11:30 - 13:00​​Session 1: Standardization Hot Topics 1, Trusted ICT Infrastructures and Services
The objective of this session is to present the main updates in the ITU-T standardization work in the field of Trusted ICT Infrastructures and Services and discuss the main current issues related to this field as well as future priorities for the standardization on Trust from the perspective of the African Countries.

Moderator: Mr. Marco Carugi, NEC, Japan [Biography]
​13:00 - 14:30 ​Lunch
​14:30 - 16:00 Session 2: Standardization Hot Topics 2, IMT-2020
This session will present the achievements of the Focus Group on IMT-2020 in the last study period as well as the on-going work of SG13 on IMT-2020 standardization. Activities of other SDO in this field as well as recent standardization work on specific topics related to IMT-2020 (such as softwarization, ICN, management…) could be also discussed.
Moderator: Ms. Soumaya Benbartaoui, ARPT, Algeria [Biography]
​16:00 - 16:20 ​Tea/Coffee Break
16:20 - 17:50Session 3: Standardization Hot Topics 3, Software-Defined Networking (SDN)
This session will highlight the roadmap of SDN standardization activities carried out by ITU-T and other SDOs and organizations, with focus on the main issues/challenges and use cases related to software-defined networking.
Moderator: Mr. Simon Bugaba, Uganda Communications Commission, Uganda [Biography]
​17:50​Closure of day 1

Day 2, 3 April 2017

​09:00 - 09:30​Registration
​09:30 - 09:40​Brief Summary of Day 1 discussion & program of day 2 (Ms. Shahira Selim, Manager ITU affairs, NTRA, Egypt) [Presentation]
​09:40 - 11:10​​Session 4: Standardization Hot Topics 4, Cloud Computing and Big Data
This session aims to highlight the main achievements in technologies, services and standards related to cloud computing activities of ITU-T and other SDOs while presenting an overview on Cloud Computing scenarios in Developing Countries. The session will also discuss the main advances in technologies and services related to Big Data as well as the major current and future activities of SG13 and ITU-T on this topic.

Mr. Elliot Kabalo, ZICTA, Zambia​​ [Biography]
11:10 - 11:30
Tea/Coffee Break
​11:30 - 13:00Session 5: Technology Convergence
Based on the discussion of emerging technologies on future networks and services, this session will highlight the key trends and importance for technology convergence integrated with networking solutions for IMT-2020, cloud computing and big data including trust. Then, it provides a view on how we can timely address technology convergence in the future standardization work.

Moderator:  Mr. Simon Bugaba, Uganda Communications Commission, Uganda [Biography]
13:00 - 14:00
​14:00 - 15:00​​Session 6: Experiences & Successful Stories from Africa
This session will present some experiences and successful stories of different African telecommunication stakeholders in the workshop’s topics, with focus on the efforts made by these stakeholders to initiate standardization activities on these topics or to get involved in the existent standardization activities of the ITU-T or other SDOs. ​

Moderator: Dr. Rim Belhassine-Cherif, Tunisie Télécom, Tunisia [Biography]
​15:00 - 15:45 Panel Discussion: Importance of standardization of SG13 hot topics for African countries
This panel will discuss the importance of standardization of SG13 hot topics, presented during the Workshop (i.e. Trust, IMT-2020, SDN, Cloud Computing and Big Data), for African countries as well as possible measures to increase the participation of African Countries in the SG13 standardization activities on these topics.
1.       What are the high values our societies can obtain from the standardization involvement in the future networks standardization process in ITU-T SG13?
2.       How the Developing countries can involve effectively in the standardization process of the Future Networks?
4.       How will ICT key players support the involvement of the developing countries in ITU-T SG13 activities, and what will be the main tools? 
5.       What is the essential required regulatory framework needed to facilitate the penetration of Cloud Computing and Big Data?
6.       How does SDN technology could help to optimize the operation cost for the operators?
7.       How IoT, AI, and VR will be introduced with the IMT-2020 and how will they impact the developing countries?
8.       These set of technologies will be involved in various aspects in our life. How to gain telecom consumers trust in the usage of these technologies?​

Moderator: Eng. Ahmed Raghy, NTRA, Egypt [Biography]
​15:45 - 16:00 ​Closing Session​