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KIM Hyoung Jun

Dr. Hyoung Jun Kim has been currently serving as the Convenor of JCA-IoT in ITU-T, Vice-Chairman of FG on M2M Service Layers in ITU-T SG11, Chairmen of WP3 of ITU-T SG13. In addition, he also has been serving as Rapporteur of ITU-T Q25/16 internationally as well as served as Chairman and Vice-Chairman of NID WG (Working Group) and UNIOT WG in CJK (China-Japan-Korea) Standards Committee regionally.
He joined ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) in 1988, and he is currently working as Managing Director of PEC (Protocol Engineering Centre). He has had about 26 year research experiences in various divisions of ETRI including Info-Communications Technology Division, IT Strategy Research Division, Information & Telecommunications Technology Division, and Protocol Engineering Centre.