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‚ÄčS1P3_Marco_Carugi.pngMarco Carugi works as consultant on telecommunication technologies and associated standardization, currently engaged with China Unicom on requirements and architectures for advanced services and networks.
Marco began his career in Solvay as telecommunication system engineer, worked for 7 years in France Telecom/Orange Labs as research engineer on Broadband Data Services and Network Technologies and then for 8 years in Nortel CTO organization as Senior Advisor on NGN and emerging services. More recently, he has worked for 3 years in ZTE R&D division, Technology Strategy department, as Senior Expert on future service and network technologies and associated standardization.
Marco participates actively since 17 years in several standard development organizations, and has held numerous leadership positions, including ITU-T SG13 vice-chair, Rapporteur for ITU-T Q.3/13 in last three study periods, Rapporteur in ITU-T NGN Focus Group, Cloud Ecosystem working group chair in ITU-T Focus Group on Cloud Computing, OIF Board member, IETF Provider Provisioned VPN working group co-chair. Currently, he is Rapporteur for Q.2/13 (Requirements for NGN evolution (NGN-e) and its capabilities including support of IoT) inside ITU-T SG13 (Future networks including cloud computing, mobile and NGN).
SDP, SDN, Cloud Computing and IoT/M2M are technical areas in which he is involved at present.
In ITU-T, as Rapporteur for Q.2/13, he is currently participating in the Internet of Things Global Standards Initiative (IoT-GSI) where he leads the development of technical specifications on requirements, capabilities and services. He also acts as vice-chair of the ITU-T Focus Group on M2M Service Layer and co-chair of its working group dealing with requirements and architectural framework of the M2M Service Layer.
Marco has led the development of numerous standards specifications and published in technical journals and conference proceedings.
Marco holds an Electronic Engineering degree in Telecommunications from the University of Pisa in Italy, a M.S. in Engineering and Management of Telecommunication Networks from the National Institute of Telecommunications (INT) in France and a Master in International Business Development from the ESSEC Business School in Paris.