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POMY Joachim


Joachim-Pomy-photo.jpgJoachim received his Diploma in Communications Engineering from Darmstadt Technical University in 1984. The same year he joined Telefonbau & Normalzeit in Frankfurt where he became responsible for PABX transmission planning, and approval, for mouth-to-ear voice quality and for perceptual evaluation of users' satisfaction.

 Since 1988 he is actively involved in related standardization efforts in ITU-T, ETSI, MESAQIN, BITKOM, TIA, T1A1 and IEEE. In 2002 Joachim was awarded the ETSI internal Service Medal for his achievements with the Asia-Pacific-Telecommunity (APT).

 In 2008 Joachim left his position in Frankfurt and started to work as a Freelance Consultant in Telecommunications & International Standards. He completed successfully ITU projects on QoS in Nepal, the Maldives and for Afghanistan; he gave QoS/QoE workshop presentations e.g. in Spain, Kenya, the Maldives, Lebanon, South-Korea and Ghana.

 Joachim lead an ETSI project on Adaptation of the ETSI QoS Model to better consider results from field testing. Joachim has taken responsibility and leadership in ETSI STQ and ITU-T SG12 for more than one decade.

 Together with researchers from OPTICOM, Swissqual and TNO he supported actively the standardization process of P.863 (POLQA, Perceptual Objective Listening Quality Assessment) by acting as the appointed editor of P.863 until its publication and now as a co-editor for the Application Guide to P.863.

 For the African Regional Group in ITU-T SG12 Joachim has edited new Recommendation on Mobile QoS and a new Supplement for Regulatory Aspects of QoS.
 Joachim is vice chair of ETSI STQ and (co-) rapporteur for multiple areas in ITU and ETSI; he is also the (co-) author of more than 150 contributions to ITU, ETSI and TIA.