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GSR 2023


ITU Workshop on "Quantum Information Technology for Networks"​​
​​​Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 17 February 2020


Monday, 17 February 2020

​08:00 - 09:00​ Registration
​09:00 - 09:30​Opening Remarks
​09:30 - 10:00​Keynote presentation: Overview of Quantum Information Technology (QIT)
1​​0:30 - 11:00​Coffee Break
​11:00 - 12:30​Session 1: Network Aspects of Quantum Information Technology
The application of QIT for networks will create new capabilities for communication networks while imposing new challenges in network design. This session will discuss some implications of QIT on classical networks to provide some context on the impact of quantum technologies on networks.

Moderator: Helmut Griesser, Chair, FG-QIT4N WG1: Network Aspects of Quantum Information Technology
​12:30 - 14:00​​Lunch Break
​​14:00 - 15:30Session 2: Quantum Key Distribution Networks (QKDN)
Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) is an area of great interest as an application of QIT. Based on the principles of quantum mechanics, it holds the promise of unconditional security for communication networks. QKD networks have thus been deployed globally to achieve unconditionally secure communication. This session will analyze QKDN with a focus on the technical aspects of QKD, provide an overview of its recent applications, provide some context on its implementation and its implication on communication networks.

Moderator: Zhangchao Ma, Chair, FG-QIT4N WG2: QKDN
15:30 - 16:00​ Workshop summary