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Second Joint ITU-NGMN Alliance Workshop on Open Source and Standards for 5G

Bellevue (Seattle), WA, USA
1 November 2017

Contact: tsbevents​ 

This event will bring together key representatives of a wide range of industry, standards bodies, open source communities and academia. The discussions will focus on how Standards Defining Organizations and Open Source Software Communities can best capitalize upon each other’s deliverables for building a consistent/coherent 5G eco-system, taking into consideration their very diverse ways to address and license Intellectual Property Rights, mainly patent rights and copyrights.
Participants will engage with internationally renowned experts and panellists, exchange views and experiences and identify possible solutions to key issues affecting the industry.   

Target Audience
The event is open to members and non-members of the ITU, and it will allow a unique mix of standards bodies, industry players and government representatives from around the world to exchange ideas and search for possible solutions on this key issue of evolving telecommunication technologies.