Committed to connecting the world



Jeff Evans is the Director of the Information and Communications Laboratory (ICL) at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI). Mr. Evans has 25 years of research in the communications field with particular interest in broadband wireless network implementations, emerging mobile communications services, and the delivery of applications and services to communities and underserved areas.

His responsibilities include directing and overseeing the technical research across ICL. The Laboratory conducts research that solves complex problems in areas of computer science, information technology, communications, networking, and socio-technical systems. Research for public and private clients supports national security; emergency response; integration of health care systems; interoperability and security of interconnected systems; education and learning; technology strategy, planning, and decision support; development of public policy; and commercial product realization. ICL is home to a number of nationally and internationally recognized programs.

Jeff participates in numerous development efforts and programs to extend the Georgia Institute of Technology (“Georgia Tech”)’s research capabilities to emerging areas such as Health IT, Cybersecurity infrastructure, First Responder and Disaster response concepts, the Internet of Things, and the convergence of digital technologies for future commercial applications and services.
Jeff has B.S and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech.