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S2P2_photo_Bart De Lathouwer.jpgBart De Lathouwer is responsible for planning and managing interoperability initiatives such as testbeds, pilots and interoperability experiments with an emphasis on activities in Europe.
Since 2001, Mr. De Lathouwer has worked first as European liaison to the geospatial division of Autodesk and later as Autodesk's Product Manager for Server Technologies. In this role, he also served as member company representative to the OGC. As a company representative, he started the OGC CAD-GIS Interoperability Working Group (which evolved into the OGC 3DIM Domain Working Group) and managed the development of a core data access technology FDO (Feature Data Object) that later went open source in OSGeo. After returning to Europe, he worked as a geospatial expert for both private and government organizations focused on interoperability.
Previously, Mr. De Lathouwer was technical project manager at electric and water utilities as well as telecommunication companies. He holds a BS in Computer Science from the Karel de Grote-Hogeschool.