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ICTs for a Sustainable World #ICT4SDG


Helen is the Environment Management Specialist under the Research and Development section at Uganda Communications Commission. She is accountable for activity and commitment towards environmental management and sustainability within the communications sector in Uganda.
She is part of the team that developed the national e-waste policy in Uganda, currently developing the e-waste policy strategy to facilitate its implementation. Member of the national steering committee for establishment of a manual dismantling facility for e-waste in Uganda.
Rappoerteur of the e-waste task force team for the East African Communications Organisation (EACO), an East African regional body which brings together regulatory-postal, telecommunications and broadcasting organizations. The taskforce has recently developed a policy framework model to guide the region in developing and implementing harmonized e-waste policies as well as implementation of the same.
Spearheaded the establishment of the National Working Group (NWG) on ICT environmental sustainability; A multi stakeholder group that will advice on the enhancement of the optimal use of ICTs in achieving environmental sustainability keep in view the interests of the Ugandan industry.
She holds an honors degree in Environmental Engineering and Management as well as a post graduate in project planning and management.