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KHAN Ahmad

AHmad Khan.jpg​Dr. Ahmad Khan, a national of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, is a career environmental management professional with over twenty five years of experience in implementing strategies and programmes to improve the environmentally sound management of wastes and chemicals in the Small Island Developing States of the Caribbean. His career began in marine pollution monitoring and control before moving away from the esoteric pursuits of research and development into the realm of practical application of engineered solutions to the management of waste and chemicals from the petroleum and petrochemical sectors. Over this period, Dr. Khan designed bioremediation facilities, sanitary landfills and chemical waste incineration facilities currently in operation in Trinidad and Tobago and in some of the Small Island Developing States in the Caribbean.
In 2005, Dr. Khan created his own environmental consultancy firm and took on the new challenge of offering environmental management services to a wide cross section of industrial and commercial sectors in the Eastern Caribbean. Since then Dr Khan and his firm have performed environmental impact assessment studies and conducted environmental compliance monitoring for major petrochemical infrastructure development projects in Trinidad, major water and waste water development projects in Tobago, industrial port and harbour development projects in Trinidad and large ecotourism land development projects in Tobago.
In 2011, deeply concerned over the poor management of wastes and chemicals in the Caribbean, Dr. Khan took up the opportunity to move a regional integrated waste and chemicals management agenda for the Caribbean forward through the Multilateral Environmental Agreements process. Dr. Khan is now the Director of the Basel Convention Regional Centre for the Caribbean, which is based in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, and is now fully engaged in assisting parties to the Basel, Rotterdam, Stockholm and Minimata Conventions in complying and implementing these Convention through a participatory and collaborative regional approach.